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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author: Erin Smyth

We are starting to see big signs of market recovery with more jobs becoming available, the hunt for talent has become even more competitive than ever before. As the market continues to be highly candidate-driven, candidates now have multiple opportunities readily available.

Candidates are in the driving seat in determining which opportunity is the best. How do you ensure that you find and acquire the most qualified talent before the competition does? Take a look at the tips below, curated by our recruitment team to help you secure the talent you need in the most efficient way.


Streamline the interview process

To keep talent interested, it is important to move efficiently and effectively through the interview process. Streamline your interview process into as few steps as possible and move quickly between these steps – this builds momentum with talent and puts you ahead of the competition.  

Although it is vital to thoroughly get to know each candidate, it is also equally as vital to move quickly. It is realistic to assume that the candidates you are interviewing are receiving multiple offers. By keeping the time frame short, you are more likely to stay one step ahead of your competition.


Make the Best Offer (and don’t forget the Perks)

Differentiate your offer from the competition. Do you have a learning program? Can you offer competitive compensation? Do you offer flexible hour options? Figure out what makes you different from other businesses and communicate that with all potential talent.

 Get to know what your candidate is looking for – whilst the expression “money talks” can be true for some it isn’t always true for others. Find out the keys to what the candidate ideals wants and be creative with your offer if you can.


Prioritize D&I and Culture

Company culture is now, more than ever, a contributing factor to the final decision a candidate makes. Candidates buy into a business that genuinely cares about their employees. Make sure to consistently reflect on internal processes in your workplace to continually improve and promote a culture of inclusion, belongingness, and diversity.


Keep in Touch

Keep the candidate informed throughout the entire process, candidates genuinely respect companies who provide regular updates and feedback. Stay transparent and work with them to identify if both of your goals are aligned.


The job market is full of opportunities right now. Get ahead of the competition and start working toward making your business the best option for candidates.

ConSol Partners understands the market needs and knows how to source and acquire the best talent for you. Our teams have extensive experience and understand the opportunities presented in the current market. We can help you headhunt the best talent for your business.

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