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Founded in 2008 in the heart of London, ConSol Partners has since expanded into the United States in 2014. With offices in Santa Monica, Austin, London and Berlin, we specialize in providing permanent and sub-contractions recruitment solutions and work with the next wave of exciting and innovative businesses within industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Driving, FinTech, Blockchain/Cryptocurrenency and Robotics. Our teams possess deep industry knowledge ensuring the services we provide surpass expectations.


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At ConSol Partners, we prioritise the relationships we make with our clients, candidates, team members and network. Our relationship-led approach ensures we successfully match the right talent to the right business and the perfect role to all of our candidates. Our professional services are leading in the market because we continually strive to surpass expectations.

  • "​I would recommend Amy as the recruiter you want in your corner. She is very competitive in the market, personable, approachable and dedicated to her customers and clients. She will go above and beyond to help the client/customer be successful in locating the ideal position and/or candidate. Amy's knowledge of the industry is exceptional from the UK to America. She is an achiever who is driven to obtain new business and more resources for her clients and more opportunities for her customers. Amy is the first person I refer when someone asks who do I know or go to when looking for a job in this industry."


  • "​Mike has a strong people skill that builds relationships between the candidate and the hiring company throughout the hiring process even facing setbacks and unexpected obstacles. Very strong in communication with open minded discussions. I'd recommend Mike to another other hiring tech companies and candidates."


  • "​Kieran helped me find the perfect job! He understood exactly what I was looking for and hooked me up with the right set of startups to interview with. Kieran even helped me schedule (and reschedule) interviews without rushing me. He was always available for a quick chat and kept me updated throughout the process. You know he really cares because even 4 months into my new job, he still checks up on me. Working with Kieran (and his team) has been an extremely positive and friendly experience."


  • "​Jacob helped me twice to get in touch with high caliber executives in the space of blockchain and fintech. His network is terrific and spans across UK, Europe and US. He showed patience and professionalism. Recommended."


  • "​A former colleague recommended working with Matthew a year ago to fill the position of a Senior Solutions Architect. The position was especially challenging to fill because we deal in a very niche technical field. Matthew took the time to fully understand our requirements and generated a list of candidates that were exceptionally well qualified and outside the radar of our professional network. I will be working with Matthew in the future for all open reqs in the US."


  • "​Amy is outstanding. She has a keen understanding of roles and how to find a best fit. In many ways talent procurement is like casting. It takes intuition and understanding to ensure a successful placement. I wasn’t looking for a new role when Amy reached out but she introduced me to a new challenge and opportunity. She was very helpful throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Amy to any company looking to attract talent."


  • "​David Robinson is a standout mentor who does thorough research before choosing the right candidates. I know from firsthand experience that he improves responses during interviews. He reinforces experiences and presents it very professionally to the prospect employers. He built a strong connection with me getting to know what I was looking for before sending any leads through my way. He is quality-driven and detail-oriented which lands you that perfect dream job you are thinking about. He excelled throughout the entire process of my interview with constant updates, honesty, attentiveness and great sense of accountability. I highly recommend him. "


  • "​Although her title is Senior Technical Recruiter, working with Sara felt more like having a knowledgeable and supportive business partner working with me and also on my behalf. Throughout a multi-interview process, she acted as a transparent yet effective mediator, responding to my questions in record time and delivering my responses just as effectively. Sara is an active listener, and I felt assured at all times that she understood me and could represent me accurately. She brought a refreshing level of professionalism and friendliness to the usually stressful process of applying for a new role. I would not hesitate to recommend Sara, and I hope to work with her again."


  • "I have known Nicky for a number of years and will always turn to her if I have a requirement for Technology Sales people in the Media Entertainment space. She has a fantastic network, is highly proactive, and really quickly grasps exactly what I'm looking for."


  • "​In an industry where it is hard to find a true partner in hiring high level software engineers, Mike and his team are this rare find. I recommend Mike as a professional partner who understands the nuances of the hiring process, candidate and client experience in a highly competitive business."


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