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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 5 years ago
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Sean future of wireless

With London Technology week (20-26 June), ConSol Partners did their part by proudly sponsoring the recent ‘Future of Wireless’ Conference on 21 & 22 June, hosted by Cambridge Wireless.

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Since its launch in 2014, London Technology Week has provided a forum for professionals in the industry to connect and further their knowledge and perspective, with the ‘Future of Wireless’ event being no different.

Kieran and Andy - future of wireless

It was a great opportunity to gain insight into the way industry leaders are planning to transform and build new business models and harness a world with global wireless presence. It was also a great source to find out about the latest trends and dialog about research, development and application of wireless and mobile technologies.

Our consultants Andrew (left) and Kieran (right) as well as our Director of Communications, Sean (above) had the privilege of spending time on the conference floor and speaking to fellow enthusiasts in the wireless community.

Some of the main insights include:

• People don’t care about smart homes and smart cities, they care about better healthcare and less congestion
• From a vertical market perspective the pace of technology change in IoT and nascent 5G can be daunting. What is becoming more important is a change in thinking to focus more on the demand side and identifying where the IoT can make a real difference, rather than just a technology push
• Smart nations’ biggest challenge is not technology it’s about changing mind-sets
• Telcos have recognised both the threats and opportunities presented by the IoT and are responding to the need for innovation and creativity to be at the heart of the consumer IoT ecosystem
• Ask not what we can do for the Things, but what the Things can do for us

We are excited to see how these wireless trends and insights continue to develop and change over the next 12 months and into the future.

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