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  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
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Last Monday, May 20 June 2016, ConSol Partners hosted its 3rd Psychology of Agile Scrum Meetup – ‘Product Owners, Sprints and other Anachronisms with Dan North’.

Dan was a fantastic speaker and you could tell that the audience was very engaged with what he had to say, and in turn, this led to some dynamic dialog amongst the group. Dan provided a number of interesting stories and anecdotes to keep the attendees entertained.

“Once you start to think in systems, you see them everywhere”

While the discussion was based around scrum and agile, there were many discussion points that were relevant in a management and engagement sense. A great analogy that Dan used to illustrate how people can work towards a common goal was NASA:

“When asked, the janitor at NASA says ‘My job is to put a man on the moon’”

As a proud sponsor of these meetups we are delighted to help connect the Psychology of Agile Scrum community to expanding their knowledge as well as any job seekers or talent seekers.

A big thanks to Roman Shtekelman, Natasha Hill, Dan North and the Agile Community who contributed to the Meetup success on Monday. The next Psychology of Agile Scrum Meetup ‘How do we sell Agile to senior managers? – with Melanie Franklin’ is 13 July and will once again be proudly sponsored by ConSol Partners!

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“Connections are way more interesting than the thing”

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