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  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago
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​ConSol Partners’ Co-Founder, Graeme Hubert, was one of three key participants in a Google+ Recruiter Hangout which took place on Wednesday, 16th September. The #RecHangout webinar, hosted by Abtech Partnership’s Alan Whitford, explored ‘how to develop your international recruiting capability’; in particular, the reasons behind international expansion, essential strategies, international client demand, building operational teams abroad and coping with setbacks.

International recruitment is an area of expertise for both Graeme and fellow Co-Founder, Marc Cohen, having strategically expanded the business across the Atlantic to build offices in Boston and Los Angeles from the ground up. During the #RecHangout, Graeme referenced client demand as a key factor that led ConSol Partners to Los Angeles, expressing the importance of picking the right markets to grow your business. A point particularly stressed by Graeme was the invaluable nature of having a good L&D strategy in place for the business’ expansion; new hires were already hand-picked by Day 1 of the office openings, and received immediate and ongoing training to further their professional development.

Graeme had previously taken part in a Best Companies Recruiter Hangout special in April 2015, centred on how recruitment businesses attract, engage and retain their talent.

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