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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 11 years ago
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​You might have come across recruitment consultants to search for a new job for yourself or to find top talent for your business. Perhaps you want to work for a consultancy, or you may even be a competitor interested in what we have to offer. No matter what your reasons, chances are, you want to know what makes a good recruiter.

I came across a survey carried out by award winning training and consultancy organisation, Innergy, which gave some insight into this. The study was actually carried out across UK sales professionals and their managers to look into what it is that defines the best salesperson. However, much of this can also be applied to recruitment.

Innergy wanted to evaluate the key characteristics of high performers, and found that one of the overriding themes that came about was that of attitude versus skill. In fact, of the traits that were highlighted, 74% related to attitude and how the sales process was approached, compared to 26% that focused on skill.

There are other key traits to think about too though. An individual has to know and believe in their services or products in order for the customers to do the same. Without this they will lack the confidence needed to sell.

On top of this, communication skills are important. The belief in the product or service may be there, but if an individual can’t get this across to its customers in the right way then it won’t be a success. However, it’s also about listening just as much as it is about talking, and being interested in customers and their needs. In addition, being committed is also a key part of the role, and to be an expert in the field, a proactive approach is necessary.

Recruitment is about so much more than just pure sales, but the very best recruiters have these traits in common. What are your thoughts? Could you be the next member of the ConSol family?