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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author: Molly Hentges
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Throughout the pandemic, the focus for many companies was keeping operations afloat. Therefore, business priorities shifted away from training new employees, investing in people and succession planning. As we continue to deal with the aftermath and adjust to the new work-life, recruiting the right professionals has become increasingly competitive.

Regardless of how well a company prepares for future market fluctuations, facing staffing shortages is bound to happen. Whether it's because current employees need time off, a short-term project requires specific skills, wages become too high or you can't find the correct talent, working with a staffing agency for contractors to accommodate for these changes allows your company to focus solely on business growth.

We have seen a variety of reasons why technology companies use contractors instead of hiring permanent employees. We have compiled a list of reasons why your company should consider working alongside a recruitment agency to fulfill business objectives.


Reduce costs

Contractors typically cost less than permanent employees due to savings on healthcare benefits, retirement plans, vacation days, sick days and employer taxes.

Additionally, since recruitment companies manage the entire recruitment cycle, you are relieved of the additional cost of the hiring and onboarding process. A staffing agency takes a large portion of commitments off your plate. A large benefit of using a staffing agency is that we take care of employment agreements, HR support, benefits if any, payroll and onboarding.

Tech roles particularly demand high pay due to the exploding need for tech solutions. Limit your costs and save valuable resources by using contractors and partnering with a recruitment company.


Stay on top of market fluctuations

If covid has taught us anything, it is that the workforce can change overnight. The demand for technology, and technology roles, skyrocketed due to accelerated dependence on it as we started working from home. Throughout that first year of the pandemic, companies needed more IT support, AI was further integrated, and the significance of cybersecurity became immeasurable. Contractors are a great way to accommodate for those changing demands, especially in tech. Many workers in tech have started opting for contract positions as well.

 Recruitment companies will stay on top of market trends and work with you to prepare your workforce with contractors, for any unpredictable trend the workforce faces next.


Access to top talent in candidate short market

Hiring temporary staff is often used to cover skill shortages. In the tech industry, shortages of qualified candidates and rising vacancy levels are upping the pressure on employers. The industry-wide skill gap is leaving employers empty-handed. Using contractors to fill those skill gaps, especially when they can be so niche within tech, is a great solution to continue track toward business goals.

But how can you ensure that you find the best talent for your tech company when we are seeing a shortage? Recruitment companies have years of experience building up their talent pool through referrals, networking, and interacting with candidates daily. They have a talent pool of qualified professionals ready to start work on short notice. In this candidate short market, the access you gain by working with a recruitment company will give you the upper hand over competitors.


Utilizing contractors in tech offers a plethora of benefits for employers. Companies save money, gain access to a wide network of highly skilled candidates, can quickly accommodate for market fluctuations, hire specialized skills on-demand and more. In the accelerated market of tech, these benefits can give your company the advantage it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

 Is your company looking for new contract talent in the tech industry? Our contract team of industry experts have the knowledge, network and skills to provide your company with quality talent that will accelerate innovation within your tech company.