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Kim Carmona

  • Position: Associate Director

​Hi my name is Kim, I am the wise owl here at LMA, all seeing and all knowing... I should be considering my 20 years or so of service!

On leaving university with a BA Honours Degree in modern languages I decided to venture into the banking sector. My modern languages skills has helped me over the years to build a good rapport with our European clients and candidates and a better understanding of their businesses. I am fortunate enough to have a very loyal and established client and candidate network, many of whom I have known for years and every one of them still makes this job so rewarding and challenging, even after you become part of the furniture!

However after setting up the LMA temporary & interim team in 1999 and dealing with temps for 20 years, I still love my job - and even more so now, as I am also able to manage and mentor my effervescent and enthusiastic team members. I have the opportunity to impart as much of the experience and knowledge that I have gained along the way, plus the team keep me young and on my toes. They are my extended family, we share the rough with smooth, the highs with the lows and if that doesn’t work, I make sure there is plenty of food and treats to keep everyone going!

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