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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author: Molly Hentges
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The demand for contract workers has spiked in recent years, particularly in tech. Working as a contractor has continuously become a more popular and viable option in tech over the last couple of years, but why?

Since the start of the pandemic, companies around the world have been forced to adapt to the reliance on technology at an accelerated rate. With unpredictable futures and the demand of tech workers shifting, the pandemic opened companies up to the idea of contract workers.  

Unemployment levels rose due to Covid, causing many employers to seek out external contractors to fill gaps within their company, and this especially held true within tech. Tech companies started to heavily rely on contractors to ensure their company was still offering the same services while they were forced to make redundancies.

The pandemic facilitated and accelerated the growth in demand for tech workers. It also pushed many workers and companies to adopt a more flexible form of work. As opportunities became more flexible due to the working from home environment, companies searching for those tech roles turned towards contractors to ensure the talent was qualified.

In addition to the disruption caused by the pandemic, tech adoption by businesses has forced companies to shift their priorities. As innovative technologies continue to evolve, the way we operate at work will continue too. As the adaptation of big data, cloud computing, AI and many more uses for technology accelerate, the need for talent that have those desired skill sets will accelerate as well. The World Economic Forum predicted that by 2025, 34% of companies plan to expand their workforce due to tech integration.

Tech businesses around the world have started to heavily rely on contractors who already have the skill set required to successfully perform. As digital transformation speeds up, many companies will turn to contractors instead of hiring and training permanent employees for these new tech roles.

 With these disruptions, and more to come, start-up and large tech companies have realized the importance of adaptability and scalability, which is what using contractors provides. In fact, the World Economic Forum predicted that by 2025, “41% plan to expand their use of contractors for task specialized work”. Tech companies have realized that by relying on contract workers, they can save time and money while also increasing their range of options and services. The opportunities that are available for tech professionals in this market will continue to grow as well.

As tech companies reconsider their business models and start to incorporate contractors, now is the perfect time to make that jump into contracting. If you have thought about becoming a contractor, or want to learn more, our teams are readily available to help. ConSol Partners’ highly trained consultants have built up an expert, in-depth knowledge of working as a contractor in tech enabling our teams to find the best positions for you.