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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author: Molly Hentges
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The opportunities for tech contractors have reached new heights, but why? The answer to this is two-fold.


The disruptors

Technology has been a growing disruptor to the workplace for quite some time now. However, another disruptor has also entered and accelerated tech, the pandemic.

 The COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruptions to businesses across all different industries. The impact that this disruption caused, accelerated certain workforce trends, like the reliance on technology. Once the pandemic hit and everyone started working from home, the reliance on technology increased immensely, causing tech companies to face a rapid influx in the demand for their services.

 Covid and technology innovation have continued to accelerate the vast demand for tech talent, especially for contractors. More employers, tech companies specifically, are turning towards contract roles to stay agile during current and future market fluctuations.


Resignation rate

Another reasons as to why opportunities for contractors in the tech industry are growing is because of the current rate of resignation. Current employees across the country are resigning for various reasons, leaving many companies with skill gaps. The best way these tech companies can fill these gaps quickly is to turn toward contractors.

The great resignation has widened the demand and supply gap for tech workers. In fact, according to Gartner's research, toward the end of last year, “31% of IT workers, for example, actively sought out a new job”. Which is the highest among all industries in their research.

Therefore, tech companies have had to look toward using contractors to make up for those tech workers that have resigned. These contractors come and help with one-time projects that often require certain technical skills that they no longer have.

Tech contracting has increasingly become a more viable option for talent, no matter where you are at in your career. As opportunities for contracting in the tech space continue to grow, it may provide the opportunities you are looking for.

How can you decipher if contracting is something you want to try or continue with? We have compiled a short list of benefits that you gain through contracting in the tech industry to help you consider all options when pondering how to advance in your career.


Gain new skills and experiences

As a tech professional, working in a contract position gives you the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of different projects. This is particularly beneficial for those in the IT industry since there are so many different facets and it's always evolving. IT contractors have the chance to learn various technologies, platforms, and processes within different companies which gives them a broader scope of technical skills and experience, that they wouldn’t typically receive in a full-time role that only focuses on one area of work. 


Earn higher wages

Contract workers within the tech industry have the opportunity to earn higher wages in comparison to full-time employees. Usually, employers do not pay benefits, time-off, unemployment insurance or vacation pay to contractors. Therefore, contractors tend to receive higher wages, since these items are not being deducted. 


Build Network

Contract work is a great way to build your professional network. Being able to be a part of many different tech teams spanning the industry, allows you to meet a variety of people. This can pave the way for your next contract role.


Widen Opportunities

Contracting work experiences, especially in the IT industry, are an asset when seeking new positions. A permanent employee that works at one company for many years doesn’t gain the wide variety of experience and knowledge that temporary employees do from working on multiple assignments in various IT sectors.


Test for right fit before committing long-term

Contracting in the tech space gives you the option to work at a company before potentially committing fully. Meaning you can seek other employment if the company is not the right fight for the long run.


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