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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
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Getting the right candidate: Why you need to maintain your budgets

Although Covid-19 has brought with it a fair amount of economic uncertainty, and there are certain industries impacted more than others, there also remains a lot of sectors that continue to do well and even some that are experiencing success in this climate. Take for example, the atmospheric rise of tech firms like Amazon and Zoom, and the explosion of the e-commerce industry.

Studies show there is an ongoing demand for tech, with recruitment for roles such as Data Engineers increasing by 6% post lockdown. It’s clear that technology continues to play a big part in ongoing business success and is viewed as an essential business need. During times such as these, it might be tempting for companies to cut budgets when it comes to hiring, but it’s important that you maintain your budgets and put yourself in a position for long term business success.

We take a deeper look into 3 key reasons to avoid budget cuts when it comes to hiring, especially within the tech industry:

The Quality of Your Candidate

Top quality candidates contribute to your business in several ways, some tangible and others not so much, but no less important. The best candidates are highly skilled tech professionals who are stars of productivity; they are efficient and effective at their jobs and repeatedly deliver.

When you hire right, you hire an asset, an industry specialist to deliver on your business objectives. An investment for the long term that quickly pays back in spades. Reducing budgets for the same skill set previously required due to current market conditions may affect overall business performance and lead to increased costs further down the line.

Experienced tech professionals are in greater demand than pre-Covid and finding the right tech talent has never been more critical. The war for talent rages on.

The Price You Pay

We know that talented tech candidates can come costly. However, finding yourself the right talent for your complex projects is vital to the success and completion of the task at hand.

Experience delivers and you need to keep your business objectives front of mind and ensure you continue to recruit the quality of talent that meets your needs. Don’t sacrifice skill and experience for budget.

Your Long-Term View

It’s also important you think about the long term. Lowering budgets and hiring a “quick fix” and you could find yourself feeling the effects for a long time, or even needing to re-hire again within a short period of time because things didn’t work out.

By continuing to invest in your future workforce, recognising staff as the key assets they are and maintaining your budgets you ensure that you get the quality hire you deserve. Kick back while you reap the benefits and watch project after project over deliver on expectations.

So, the real question isn’t “can you afford to maintain your budgets?” but rather, “can you afford NOT to?”

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