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  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
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Companies nationwide are beginning to consider their hiring requirements for 2020. Choosing the right recruitment agency to find your next set of hires is a crucial decision, and not a decision to make uninformed. Some simple steps for selecting a strategic recruitment partner can be taken to ensure you start the new year in good stead.


Presently, there is a legitimate shortage of talent across the majority of industries worldwide. Therefore, your recruitment partner must understand the needs of your company, your industry and the candidate pool. Having someone working for you that is a genuine specialist in your area of business gives you a fantastic advantage in the competitive market of attracting top talent. Before settling on an agency, meet with them and discuss your firm’s needs, you’ll soon get an insight into their level of knowledge and expertise.


Reputation and a solid track record are hallmarks of a quality recruitment agency. Research them, ask them about their client history and achievements. Find out if they have placed candidates with your competitors in the past, this is an excellent hint that they may be the right agency for your needs.


Every sector has niche roles that can prove challenging to find candidates for. Discuss with agencies about their proficiency in placing candidates in niche roles and what those roles were. General knowledge of the industry won’t be enough for those critical hires, so make sure your agency has the specialist expertise you need to gain an edge on your competitors.

Quality not Quantity

Be wary of partnering with too many agencies. It’s much more beneficial to work closely with a single partner, than to partner with many agencies that you don’t have a close relationship with. The relationship between your firm and your chosen recruiter cannot be overstated.

A quality recruitment agency is defined around its knowledge of the industry, relationships with clients and expertise in sourcing the best talent. Following the steps above will ensure you find the right recruitment agency to bolster your team in the new year.

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