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  • Publish Date: Posted over 10 years ago
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​You may remember reading in a previous blog that ConSol teamed up with industry experts to host an online video thought leadership event. We recognised that there can be a real struggle in defining what online video actually is, making it difficult for businesses to understand its value, and we wanted to share expert thought back into the industry.

There’s no doubt that the changing landscape has led to real transformations in the industry, and it’s important that companies understand best practice and take advantage of the growth of video. We’ve since produced a white paper, which outlines some of the key themes from the day, such as: the value of online video, how online video advertising can compete for TV spend, the economics of content, and the future of online video monetisation.

If you’re interested in learning from experts in the field from the likes of Videoplaza, and Stream Foundations and would like to request a copy of the white paper, please contact Marc Cohen: