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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 11 years ago
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​On Sunday, Justin Rose became the first Englishman for 43 years to win the US Open. At 32 years old, he clinched the tournament by two shots and has received great congratulations from thousands of people via social media. Now you may not be as much of a golf fan as I am, but his journey can actually teach business leaders, and all individuals, important lessons.

Rose was considered a child prodigy, finding fame at only 17. However, despite great success in the beginning, he went on to miss 21 cuts in a row, and it took him until 2002 to win his first professional event. During the years in between, there’s no doubt that it would have been difficult to continue. In fact, many in his position may well have given up. But he didn’t.

So what can we learn from Mr. Rose’s outstanding achievement?

1. Stay positive at ALL times– With a positive mindset, Rose managed to get back on track and had the determination not to give up. He remained focused during difficult times, which is something that all individuals should recognise. Obstacles will come up along the way in a company. Running a business, for instance, isn’t easy and things won’t always go as they were expected. However, it’s important to have the strength to stay positive in dark hours. In order to be truly successful, I believe that you have to make mistakes along the way. It’s learning from these mistakes that gets you to the next stage and pushes you to succeed.

2. Hard work– There’s no doubt that Rose is a talented golfer who has worked hard over the years with the support of those closest to him – and it’s certainly paid off! Talented or not it takes serious hard graft to reach the top. When you hit troubled times then be prepared to go the extra miler to recover. It takes even more effort to stay there!

3. Use your past as inspiration(rather than an excuse) – this is not just referring to Justin’s golf challenges but also the fact he lost his father a few years ago. Coming down the 18thhe told himself this is the moment to make his father proud and become the champion they always wanted him to be. Do you have a goal or inspiration that you can refer back to? If not then this is essential in creating a path and at times a light.

4. Evolve your game through training– Rose changed his teacher 4 years ago and changed the way he worked. He recognised that a new method, strategy or focus could bring about significant results. In his victory speech Rose acknowledged the impact his new instructor had rather than believing it was a result of his natural talent. In business we rarely practice or try to evolve our game so ask yourself how you plan to make your weaknesses and challenges and major strength. Embrace training and keep refining your craft – I truly believe this is a never ending process.

5. Smile (it’s never that bad)– even under the most intense pressure with potentially a whole life’s work on the line, Rose was still able to muster a smile. This meant his shoulders relaxed, heart beat slowed and he was able to refocus. If you find yourself frowning at your screen, stressed out about a deal or frustrated at results then get a bit of perspective – it is never that bad and you can always smile! (Oh and breath, don’t forget to breath.)

I’m looking forward to seeing how Rose continues to progress in the future now that he’s back on top form. With the same attitude and hard work, you too could be successful, no matter what setbacks you’ve had in the past.

Marc Cohen, Director of ConSol Partners

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